The Energy of Anxiety is available on Amazon in UK and other countries.  Please click here to access the Amazon UK link.

When her practice was opened in 2012, Ann quickly made a name for herself on the island of Guernsey.  She has had tremendous success in helping people overcome anxiety and many other issues.   

Ann is passionate about her work and keen to help people feel more empowered.   As well as a Hypnotherapist, Ann is trained in many therapies including Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting and Energy in Motion.  She is also a Consultant for Rhythmic Movement Training International, a Teacher and Trainer in Colour Mirrors and a practitioner of NES Health.  Her depth of knowledge and experience, as well as her natural ability to understand people, has enabled her to relate to her clients in a manner that helps them improve their lives.

A keen sportswoman, having competed in three Commonwealth Games and three times National Hill Climb Champion in the sport of cycling, Ann has always applied herself to her passions in life.  

Ann's book, The Energy of Anxiety, has been written with passion.  Much of the feedback on the book has been that there is some humour, which shows Ann's personality, the book is very clear and easy to follow and there is a clear indication of Ann's desire to help people.  

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