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"The Energy of Anxiety is a must read. We all naturally experience anxiety at various times in our lives and this simple and easy to understand book supports the reader to release anxiety and find new meanings to situations which may at first glance seem out of our control.  The beauty of this book is it’s effective mastery at letting you know in a caring and humorous way  how any one of us can create our own drama’s and make a bad situation worse. The practical strategies included within show us how to turn those pantomimes on their head enabling us to regain control not only over our thoughts which can exacerbate anxiety though indeed also reduce the physical impact of anxiety and stress. Do yourself a favour! Get out of your own way and buy this book. Say no to anxiety and yes to living a happier life."

Wendy Fry, Author of Find YOU, Find LOVE and Mothers and Daughters

"This is a superb book for anyone who suffers from anxiety, either ongoingly or from time to time - which, let's face it, is most of the population. It is thorough, clear, honest and direct while at the same time offering huge compassion and hope. Practical, powerful and absorbing, Ann's book is a wonderful guide to freedom and possibility. It is also a brilliant resource for teachers, therapists, well-being practitioners and anyone who helps others. It is a comprehensive key to living a more peaceful and joyful life."

Korani Connolly, Colour Mirrors Teacher Trainer
Author of The Language of Light and Co-Author of The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors

The following testimonial can be read in full in the book:

"In today’s modern internet age we have all become experts in our own conditions, frantically scanning Google for suitable answers which may or may not be relevant to our particular needs! A much better place to start learning about Anxiety is to read a good book on the subject that gets us started on our road to freedom. 

Ann Bowditch’s book “The Energy of Anxiety” is that good book. It has been written in a clear and concise fashion and offers much more information than I thought possible. Once I started reading it I knew it was exactly what has been missing from the marketplace.  

It is a book that provides real, achievable solutions rather than promising a quick fix to solve your problems by the time you finish reading it! Through the book, Ann only requires you to have the commitment to pursue your path of recovery through self- learning, together with some guided therapy solutions to free yourself from the pain and anguish of anxiety. It will help you understand how your mind works and how to challenge those unwanted feelings and emotions and help yourself to a more enjoyable life. There are plenty of simple exercises to practise to help you as you work through the Chapters, together with a section of the book solely devoted to self-help and therapy guided methods. It may be that one of these methods may not be for you and that is why this book is so good, there are plenty of different options for you to explore to find a level that you are comfortable with to help you achieve your goals."

Karina Jackson

"After a traumatic experience as a student nurse, I met with Ann for some 1-1 sessions and hypnotherapy. I found Ann to be very professional, and understanding. Following my sessions, I was able to return to my clinical placements with confidence and knowledge of how to deal with my anxiety including coping techniques and an introduction to tapping was also very beneficial.

When I read Ann's book, I found it extremely helpful to have exercises to refer back to and I like the fact Ann has talked about personal experiences in the book.  This book reflects Ann's fun and compassionate personality and her want to provide help continually. I hope to read many more!"

Tara Brehaut

A brilliant view of anxiety, I enjoyed the humour in the text which is very refreshing considering the seriousness relating to anxiety. I found it extremely helpful to have exercises to refer back to and I like how Ann has talked about personal experiences in the book. This book reflects Ann's fun and compassionate personality and her want to provide help continually. I hope to read many more!