Good progress has been made.  I am going to get one final check over the book and look to publish this in September.  I've had very positive feedback from everyone who has read it so I am really looking forward to sharing it.


I hope you are doing well in these strange times.  The biggest positive of lockdown is that I have written a book on men's mental health.  It's a guide to help you understand why you might be struggling with mental health and a general insight into the various mental health conditions.  Also include are some well-being tips.  I see it as the kind of book every guy should have at his disposal.   

The book is currently with a beta reader (who seems to have taken on the job of reading all my books before anyone else).  I have a lot of faith in this person because they are always honest and provide useful feedback.


I have been working hard on my new book.  I cannot give you the name yet as I haven't made a final decision but I can tell you it is a self-help book about CONFIDENCE!!

I have really enjoyed writing this book; everything just flowed.  My beta readers have given me positive evaluations.  Feedback so far is that the book is "down to earth and practical" also liking the fact I have included my own personal experiences in there.  It will be available on Amazon when published.  If you wish to keep up to date, please follow my Author Page on Amazon.

The Energy of Anxiety is now available on Amazon UK and in other countries.

Welcome to my Author website.

This website supports books written by Ann to help people with various challenges.

Ann's first book - The Energy of Anxiety - has received a great response from readers.

As a therapist, Ann has helped many people with anxiety, young and old, and has recognised a need to help sufferers on a larger scale.

This book is a great asset to either those addressing anxiety on their own or as a support for those who are engaging in professional support.

The book is split into three key sections:

  1. An explanation of anxiety - why you have it. 
  2. How you look at life - offering new perspectives.  
  3. Exercises that you can introduce to take charge of anxiety.